The Fabric Adjustment

Group show No Man's Land

Location Hedah - B32, Maastricht, NL

Date 29.06.-28.07.2013

This was my first ex­pe­ri­ence work­ing site-spe­cif­ical­ly. A few months ea­rli­er I di­dn't know how to deal with pa­int on can­vas an­y­more. I was lo­ok­ing for dif­fer­ent surfac­es, like fab­rics that al­re­ady has a pat­tern or tex­ture, so that I could re­act di­rectly with pa­int on it. In my stu­di­o I cut out a ran­dom piece out of a fab­ric. I tried to ap­ply some tempe­ra pa­int, just to see if it would stick. Later I brought a pile of fab­ric in­to the space and spre­ad it out over the flo­or. Actual­ly, they lay al­re­ady imme­diately in the right place. The gri­d of the tiles held the dif­fer­ent surfac­es to­geth­er. My fi­nal act was to place the cut piece on top of an­oth­er piece of fab­ric. During the ex­hib­iti­on I in­ves­ti­gat­ed if an­oth­er com­po­si­ti­on could al­so be pos­si­ble.