Horses for the Gods

Installation in development

Location MOB terrain, Tilburg, NL

Date 17.10.-18.10.2015

Horses for the Gods is lo­osely based on a Chin­ese-Vi­et­nam­ese trad­iti­on, where fam­i­lies bring fo­od of­fer­ings to the kitch­en god(s) short­ly be­fore new yea­rs. Each yea­r these kitch­en god(s) re­port to the ce­les­tial em­per­or ab­out the fa­mily’s be­hav­iour. The ce­les­tial em­per­or deals out go­od luck to those fam­i­lies that be­haved well. The ce­les­tial Emperor spre­ads go­od for­tune to the fam­i­lies that be­haved well for one yea­r. The na­rrative and spe­cif­ic use of fo­od of­fer­ings dif­fers be­tween these two cul­tures.

In this in­stal­la­ti­on I attemp­t to con­duct sym­bo­lic ba­r­ter with an un­known oth­er, this could be the kitch­en god(s) or the au­di­ence. As wrap­pings for my of­fer­ings I have cho­sen a re­adymade green ra­in ba­rrel, and re­used one of my oth­er works I'm Dre­a­ming. Ike­a serves as a ve­hi­cle for redis­cov­ering my spir­itua­lity.