Cruising Along the Ocean–energyfuture

organised by Joep Vossebeld

With Dirk Bours, Lorna Buckley, Oscar Creemers, Paul Drissen, Chantal Le Doux, Willem van Kempen, Ray Moon, Maarten Spons

With contributions from Simon Schothorst, Ronja Markworth and Jeroen Jaenen

Location B32 Artspace, Maastricht, NL

Date 12.09.-05.10.2014

A spon­ta­ne­ous in­vi­tati­on by Wil­lem van Kem­pen to a group of indi­vi­du­al a­rtists he felt re­lat­ed to, gave birth to this ex­hib­iti­on.

The ex­hib­iti­on is ab­out the prob­lematic a­re­a be­tween ma­king and show­ing, fin­ished and unfin­ished, qua­lity and judg­ment. It is not so much ab­out the a­rt of pa­inting, as­sem­bling, co­l­lage, sculp­ture or the pos­si­bil­i­ty of an im­age, it is ab­out the prob­lem of pre­sent­ing the works. The quest for the best pre­sentati­on form, that re­spects the e­pheme­ral cha­racter of the works. We (the group of a­rtists) be­lieve, that this pre­sentati­on, as it is shown in B32 Artspace, de­picts the cur­rent ques­ti­on­ing of the a­rt-ob­ject in the most sub­dued man­ner: an in­ven­to­ry of stud­ies, work rel­ics and resi­dues shown in an a­rchival fash­i­on.

Text: Paul Drissen