The Saturdays

Collaborators Dirk Bours (NL), Aljaz Celarc (SL), Norbert Grunschel (NL), Willem van Kempen (NL), Paulina Mellado (CL), Sorin Popescu (RO), Koen van Santvoort (NL), Nienke Toeter (NL), Ritsert de Wit (NL)

The Saturdays is a long­term project, sta­rted in late 2013, where­in I exa­mine the po­ten­ti­al of work­ing co­l­lab­o­ratively in rela­ti­on to the a­rt of pa­inting. For some time I have in­vit­ed one or more non-a­rtists to my stu­di­o on dif­fer­ent Sat­ur­days1.

I came up with a num­ber if con­di­ti­ons to sea­rch in­tu­itively for possibilities with­in these con­di­ti­ons┬áto­geth­er. Sometimes a few rules were disca­rded. This way of work­ing sur­passed our own taste, i­deas, prej­u­dices and rul­ing or­der. A so­cial log­ic and struc­ture re­vealed it­self while ma­king, which can be seen as a dom­i­no-ef­fect. The selec­ti­on of works have been ca­reful­ly cho­sen and sorted, more than a yea­r lat­er af­ter the work has been made. I se­lected and put the work in an or­der. These works conta­in a certa­in kind of speed, fo­cus, joy, dis­tinc­ti­on and openness for me. I see a link with the trad­iti­on of Provi­si­onal Pa­inting.


  1. Each session is from 10 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.
  2. In each session 50 works are made, each work is 50×50 cm on Fibreglass walllialier.
  3. Avoid liersliective and reliresentation.
  4. Collage and assemblage is allowed.
  5. You can use anything you find in my studio.
  6. Bring something from your home or liractice that you would like to investigate visually.
  7. You decide when you take a break.
  8. When you are stuck, you liass the work on to someone else.
  1. Exce­p­t the co­l­lab­o­ra­ti­on with: Sorin Popescu. Sorkin is a young R­oma­ni­an a­rtist I met dur­ing a study trip in Bucha­rest. I worked with Dirk Bours and Wil­lem van Kem­pen a to­tal of three times, two of those ses­si­ons to­ok place in Ma­astricht. In Ma­astricht three works on can­vas were made. The sec­ond ses­si­on I was un­able to find a co­l­lab­o­rator and I worked alone.