Don’t You Wonder Sometimes? A Formulary for a New Heterotopy

Curated by Glenn Peeters and Pernilla Ellens

With Marijn van Kreij, Gaia van Egmond, Thomas Raat, Lorelinde Verhees, Glenn Peeters, Maarten Spons

Location Nul Zes, Eindhoven, NL

Date 04.06.2015 – 06.06.2015

Ma­rvel is an e­mo­ti­on compa­rable to a­maze­ment that peo­ple feel when they a­re expe­riencing some­thing very ra­re or unex­pected (but not thre­atening).

In the song Sound and Visi­on, Da­vi­d Bowie sings ab­out the mo­ment of won­der in place and time, in which you halt, so new i­deas and im­ages can e­merge. It is this mo­ment be­tween thought and ac­ti­on, in which you may feel es­tranged, that is both be­ing e­voked and expres­sed in the ex­hib­iti­on. The shown works a­re ma­teri­al ex­pres­si­ons of per­sonal fas­ci­na­ti­on, re­sea­rch, thought and act­ing, be­ing pre­sented in­to the pub­lic sphere of the ex­hib­iti­on.

A het­er­otopy is based on an i­dea by the French phi­los­o­pher Mi­chel Fou­cault. It's a place in be­tween, nei­ther pri­vate, nor pub­lic, a place where new rela­ti­ons, new i­deas can ex­ist (in this case) be­tween the work and the au­di­ence, or the ma­teri­al and the space. We want to make a for­mu­la­ry for a new het­er­otopy, in the shape of a pop-up ex­hib­iti­on that is a­ligned to the Eindho­ven Psych Lab fes­ti­val. A vis­u­al hap­pening in place and time.

Text: Glenn Peeters and Pernilla Ellens